Natural Treatments for Depression

“A lot of people die at the age of 25 but didn’t get buried until the age of 80”

Depression is one of the deadliest condition that people can experience. It is not easy to detect and to cure. There’s no guarantee that the needed treatment will only last for a few months for it can take years before someone can really overcome depression.

One of the common way to treat depression is through counseling and anti- depressants prescriptions but not everyone can have access to these making it more difficult for them to manage their depression.

In this article, we will discuss about the natural treatments for depression if you will not be able to get access with the usual treatments.

Identify the root cause first


The first thing that you need to know is the possible reasons why you feel depressed. Knowing the real reason or the root cause of what you’re feeling will point you to the right next step to address what you’re feeling.

Stay active

Two people running on promenade

Exercising or maintaining an active lifestyle makes our brain release endorphin or what we call feel- good hormones. It also lowers your serotonin levels; the hormone being released when a person is under stress. Moving around can also make your blood pumping and circulating normally which can make you feel good over- all.

Set mini- goals


When you’re depressed, one of the things that can be affected is your everyday life. You lose the motivation to move or do anything. By setting mini- goals, it’ll be easier for you to feel good as these goals are easy to achieve and still give that sense of fulfillment making you happy and motivated.

Healthy food can help


Consuming healthy food gives the right nutrition for our bodies which can help to alleviate depression. When you’re suffering from this condition, you tend to eat more than usual as this serve as your comfort zone. This is the reason why you have to monitor what or how much are you putting in your mouth. Omega- 3 fatty acids and folic acids from food are believed to help in treating depression.

Introduce yourself to new things


Being able to experience new things will help you widen your horizons and eventually find your next motivation. You can go to new places, take different classes that interest you; the most important thing is to never let yourself skulk in one corner of your room day after day. It will only make you sadder and lose more motivation to go on.

I know all of these steps are easier said than done but the first step to fully recovering is to actually take that step. Little by little you’ll see yourself happier and have a fuller life. Depression is hard to keep at bay but sooner or later, we will be able to live without it and we can finally say to ourselves that we are more than just a mental condition. Sooner or later, we can finally say, ‘I’m okay.’

How to Overcome Loneliness

lonely1There are times that we feel alone and lonely despite of being with the people that matter to us. This feeling of abandonment can be triggered by the simplest of things and it can last even just for a few minutes or worse, days. When we’re not able to recognize and really identify that what we’re feeling is loneliness, it confuses us and our brains try to justify or look for rational reasons why we feel that way.  This can trigger memories that really made us lonely but not necessarily making us lonely because it’s happening right now.

Being able to recognize this feeling can help us determine what are the best ways for us to overcome it and prevent it from happening again.

Loneliness can make us feel that no one cares for us or no one wants us to be part of their group or lives. It might be tempting to simply give up and distance yourself from others thinking that they want the same thing but the right way on how to deal with it is to actually get yourself closer to your friends or people who makes you feel good.

Watch out for signs and emotional triggers that causes your loneliness. If you’re able to recognize that you’re currently feeling it, you’ll be able to think of things to get your mind off it instead of indulging into it. Also, when you start to feel that you’re lonely, keep in mind that it’s only temporary and you’re feeling it just now and not a constant part of your life. You might think of possible reasons as to why you’re feeling it but it’s better to calm yourself first and tell yourself that it’s going to be okay.

lonesunriseThe next thing to take note is your self- depreciating thoughts. When we feel lonely and we succumb to it, we start to think negatively of ourselves and it actually makes things worse. It also tends to become a habit especially those to children who experience bullying. They think that no one cares for them because of the shame and loneliness of being bullied. When you start to think of self- pity, don’t go there. Don’t let cast yourself out and always try to be with your friends and take your mind off from those thoughts.

Of course, there would be times where you can’t really help it and feel lonely and hopeless altogether. The best thing to do if this happens is to overcome and be prepared for the next time it happens. See to it that you contact your friends or loved ones whenever you feel lonely or even during the times you feel fine.

Another trick that we can do is if your current circle of friends does not help in any way for you to overcome your loneliness, find a new one. You might find it hard but trying to make new friends will definitely help you take off your mind from being lonely and focus to build a new clique. Never feel bad for a failed friendship as it will only bring you more harm than good.

New Piano and Painted Walls For Our Church

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Be the Piano Rockstar You Always Wanted to Be

The Cleveland International Piano Competitors and also Scenario Western Reservation College will definitely create that achievable through giving Cleveland “Play Me, I am actually Yours,” a public fine art installment of 22 functioning pianos to become placed-and prepared for unplanned playing-throughout Educational institution Cycle this summer months. “Play Me, I am actually Yours” belongs to an around the globe visiting art work designed through English musician Luke Jerram.

The occasion is actually co-presented by Cleveland International Piano Competitors (CIPC) as well as Situation Western Reservation, with assistance from the George Gund Structure. This additionally was actually implemented through a reasonable present of 22 pianos from Steinway Venue – Akron, coating from Sherwin-Williams and also transport of pianos through Allied Piano Movers.

“Stage show Me, I am actually Yours” has actually turned up in almost 40 areas from Nyc in order to China, with much more than 700 brilliantly adorned road pianos that birth the straightforward direction, “Stage show Me, I am actually Yours.”.

Employees aged and also youthful of all skill-set degrees are actually motivated in order to discuss photographes and also online videos of their efficiencies at, and also # streetpianosCLE.

The performer will certainly explore Cleveland to begin the event on July 18, which will definitely provide pianos artistically produced and also spruced up through Scenario Western Reservoir society and also some other College Cycle establishments. These pianos are actually indicated to become played-by any individual, throughout the day.

“Whether that is actually jazz music, classic or even burst, songs is actually the universal tongue for the youthful as well as the outdated,” states Pierre truck der Westhuizen, managerial supervisor of CIPC. “When individuals rest at a piano as well as start in order to bet in public, exciting and also countless points could occur.”.

Everyone road shows motivated through “Stage show Me, I am actually Yours” is going to accompany piano professionals having period for the Cleveland International Piano Competitors, July 30 in order to Aug. 10, at the Cleveland Gallery of Fine art and also Severance Venue.

Instance Western Reservation College organizes to establish 10 pianos at numerous university sites. Many are actually slated for Toby’s Plaza near the brand-new Gallery of Contemporary Craft at the Uptown progression on Euclid Opportunity.

Others are going to be actually discovered in public areas at the Cleveland Arboretum, Cleveland Gallery of Fine art, Cleveland Gallery of Nature, Cleveland Principle of Tunes, Cleveland Orchestra/Severance Venue, Cleveland International Piano Competitors, The Popular music Negotiation, The Cleveland Center, Gallery of Contemporary Craft, the Rock-and-roll Venue of Popularity as well as Gallery, as well as Educational institution Cycle, Inc

.”This relationship with the Piano Competitors delivers a distinct option in order to supply an involved encounter in Uptown at Toby’s Plaza at Instance Western Reservation Educational institution. This is actually the sort of endeavor our team pictured for this room as well as one that the educational institution prides in order to recruit,” pointed out Lara Kalafatis, bad habit head of state for college connections at Instance Western Reservation College.

University pianos will definitely stay in position up until Sept. 9 in order to provide coming back pupils an odds in order to take part. The some other pianos are actually slated for UCI taking part organizations, like Severance Venue and also the Cleveland Arboretum, and also will certainly bet and also presented by means of Aug. 12. Endmost of the venture, each organization reaches maintain its piano. Circumstances Western Reservation Educational institution’s pianos are going to continuously create songs like the educational institution operates in order to locate inventive as well as lasting usages for their tools.

Jerram’s suggestion for public having fun pertained to your man in 2008, when unpleasant climate terminated a balloon installment with artists floating mentioned above Birmingham, England. Initiatives on the performer’s part in order to maintain his commitment in order to affect the livings of 100,000 folks with his fine art caused his motivation for the “Play Me, I am actually Yours” venture. The English performer is actually additionally learnt for his “Glass Microbiology” set, accordinged to the designs of virus-like and also microbial germs.

“I was actually interested using “Stage show Me, I am actually Yours” when I review the task in Nyc Urban area a number of yrs earlier and also have actually been actually really hoping that an individual in Cleveland would definitely find the prospective too,” claimed Deena Epstein, elderly course policeman for the fine arts at the George Gund Groundwork. “I presume that delivers an excellent option in order to pep up Cleveland’s public rooms while interesting the society by means of the universal tongue of new music.”.

Epstein additionally explained that The Gund Base is actually intrigued in checking out techniques that the crafts may be actually utilized in order to connect with out in order to brand new neighborhoods, construct links in between societies, foster creative thinking as well as help make Cleveland a much more vivid metropolitan. Play Me, I am actually Yours possesses the interested in order to do all these aims, she pointed out.

In a casual net meeting, Jerram discussed that the setups concern every person turning into imaginative. Assume some shocks when the pianos arrive this summer season. When public popular music is actually created, as well as do not be actually surprised at what can happen. Jerram has actually disclosed that companionships, and spousal relationships, caused by unscripted entertainers satisfying over the piano secrets.

in order to endure the want doing in public.

The Cleveland International Piano Competition as well as Case Western Reservation College are going to create that possible by bringing in order to Cleveland “Play Me, I’m Yours,” a public fine art installation of 22 operating pianos to become placed-and all set for spontaneous playing-throughout College Cycle this summer. “Play Me, I’m Yours” belongs to a worldwide visiting art pieces devised by English musician Luke Jerram.

The activity is actually co-presented by the Cleveland International Piano Competition (CIPC) as well as Case Western Reservation, with support from the George Gund Foundation. This also was actually enabled by a charitable present of 22 pianos from Steinway Venue – Akron, coating from Sherwin-Williams as well as transportation of pianos by Jcrob Piano Movers in Denver.

“Play Me, I’m Yours” has actually shown up in almost 40 metros from Nyc in order to China, with additional than 700 brightly spruced up street pianos that birth the easy direction, “Play Me, I’m Yours.”.

Employees old as well as youthful of all skill-set amounts are actually promoted in order to provide pictures as well as video clips of their performances at,

The musician will certainly check out Cleveland to begin the exhibition on July 18, which are going to feature pianos artistically fashioned as well as spruced up by Case Western Reserve society as well as additional College Cycle institutions. These pianos are actually implied to be played-by any individual, during the course of the time.

“Whether this is actually jazz music, timeless or perhaps pop, popular music is actually the universal tongue for the youthful as well as the old,” shares Pierre truck der Westhuizen, executive director of CIPC. “When individuals relax at a piano as well as begin in order to bet in public, infinite as well as interesting things may happen.”.

Everyone street presentations inspired by “Play Me, I’m Yours” will certainly accompany piano professionals taking stage for the Cleveland International Piano Competition, July 30 in order to Aug. 10, at the Cleveland Museum of Art as well as Severance Venue.

Case Western Reservation College prepares to establish 10 pianos at several campus places. Several are actually slated for Toby’s Plaza near the new Museum of Contemporary Art at the Uptown progression on Euclid Method.

Others are going to be discovered in public areas at the Cleveland Botanic garden, Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Museum of Nature, Cleveland Institute of Tunes, Cleveland Orchestra/Severance Venue, Cleveland International Piano Competition, The Tunes Negotiation, The Cleveland Center, Museum of Contemporary Art, the Rock-and-roll Venue of Fame as well as Museum, as well as College Cycle, Inc