How to Overcome Loneliness

lonely1There are times that we feel alone and lonely despite of being with the people that matter to us. This feeling of abandonment can be triggered by the simplest of things and it can last even just for a few minutes or worse, days. When we’re not able to recognize and really identify that what we’re feeling is loneliness, it confuses us and our brains try to justify or look for rational reasons why we feel that way.  This can trigger memories that really made us lonely but not necessarily making us lonely because it’s happening right now.

Being able to recognize this feeling can help us determine what are the best ways for us to overcome it and prevent it from happening again.

Loneliness can make us feel that no one cares for us or no one wants us to be part of their group or lives. It might be tempting to simply give up and distance yourself from others thinking that they want the same thing but the right way on how to deal with it is to actually get yourself closer to your friends or people who makes you feel good.

Watch out for signs and emotional triggers that causes your loneliness. If you’re able to recognize that you’re currently feeling it, you’ll be able to think of things to get your mind off it instead of indulging into it. Also, when you start to feel that you’re lonely, keep in mind that it’s only temporary and you’re feeling it just now and not a constant part of your life. You might think of possible reasons as to why you’re feeling it but it’s better to calm yourself first and tell yourself that it’s going to be okay.

lonesunriseThe next thing to take note is your self- depreciating thoughts. When we feel lonely and we succumb to it, we start to think negatively of ourselves and it actually makes things worse. It also tends to become a habit especially those to children who experience bullying. They think that no one cares for them because of the shame and loneliness of being bullied. When you start to think of self- pity, don’t go there. Don’t let cast yourself out and always try to be with your friends and take your mind off from those thoughts.

Of course, there would be times where you can’t really help it and feel lonely and hopeless altogether. The best thing to do if this happens is to overcome and be prepared for the next time it happens. See to it that you contact your friends or loved ones whenever you feel lonely or even during the times you feel fine.

Another trick that we can do is if your current circle of friends does not help in any way for you to overcome your loneliness, find a new one. You might find it hard but trying to make new friends will definitely help you take off your mind from being lonely and focus to build a new clique. Never feel bad for a failed friendship as it will only bring you more harm than good.