New Piano and Painted Walls For Our Church

God truly is good, we were so fortunate to have received great used pianos in Chicago from a great company. They even recommended that

we go with Piano Mover HQ, who just opened a new branch for piano moving in San Diego. Anyways, our church has been going through a lot of renonvation and many companies have been blessing us with their services for practically free. Interestingly, we’re seeing tons of donations not only come in from our area but very unusually places such as Texas. One business in Texas, called Cabler Painting donated all the paint and even sent Austin painters in Texas, to come all the up to paint for us. They’re truly an amazing business and I know that they will be blessed for their generosity and services. We’re very excited and can’t wait to hold more meetings in our church. If you all could, please continue to pray for our new building so that we could bless others more in the future.

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